You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to be creative. Although the term “creatives” is often used to refer to people who are professional artists in some way, the reality is that whether it’s sports, photography, music, volunteer or charitable work, or anything else, there are opportunities and needs for creativity.

Each day, we’re presented with situations that we must solve through creativity. Many of us also crave more opportunities to be creative. This is especially true if we work in jobs that don’t allow for much creativity. Many people in such situations have pet projects, hobbies, or side hustles that satisfy their creative urges. Sometimes those creative cravings are so strong that people dream of turning those part-time creative initiatives into their main gig.

In our personal lives when we do have the need or the opportunities to be creative, there are often many challenges that we encounter. For some people, being creative seems to come naturally but even those who seem to be creatively gifted have their moments of frustration when they get blocked. There are also people who excel in individual creativity but can’t figure out how to make it work in a team. Personal creativity is not just individual creativity. Even outside of our day jobs, we often have to work with creatively with others whether it’s family, friends, or other members of teams or organizations we belong to.

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