We’re living in the Age of Creativity.

Whether it’s in our personal lives or at work, we’re often required to be creative in order to solve problems and we all, in our own way, crave opportunities to be creative in celebration of our individuality and freedom.

While it’s often thought of as the domain and responsibility of “creative types” such as designers and artists, creativity is really for everyone. As more and more work becomes routine, commoditized, and automated, the work that is most in-demand, and the work that offers the most freedom to those who seek and thrive in liberating environments, is creative work.

In business, most organizations talk a lot about innovation, the process of solving problems with unique solutions. However there can be no innovation without creativity, the process of creating new ideas. Creativity is highly necessary not just for innovation but for great decision making. The ability to think creatively is essential to effectively manage change. People who can think creatively are better at improvising in response to the unexpected.

Creativity at scale is the art and science of taking individual and collaborative creativity to the next level, whether you’re trying to be more personally creative (and perhaps make your creative side hussle your main gig) or you’re trying to build a truly agile and creative organization to accelerate your business.